[Air-L] Towards a people's Internet

Becky Lentz roberta.lentz at mcgill.ca
Mon May 25 08:50:14 PDT 2015

Excellent point, thanks! Also, I¹m told that the Quebec collective that
succeeded in convincing the WSF organizing committee in Brazil was largely
f-groups-supporting-the-initiative/. I¹m wondering if it might be a good
idea to send the link to your recent launch of the parents¹ blog re
internet to the ISF list?

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>Hi there - this is a great initiative. I would just like to point out, as
>'we' write about 'the people' using the internet that fully one in three
>of them (as far as I can calculate) is aged under 18 and therefore
>children's particular needs, interests and voices should also be clearly
>counted within the 'we'.
>Am writing a paper now to this effect - happy to receive thoughts and
>suggestions (or arguments against including children!)
>All the best, Sonia

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