[Air-L] Issue Mapping book by Rogers et al.

Richard Rogers rogers at govcom.org
Tue Oct 13 04:42:48 PDT 2015

Dear Colleagues

I have 15 gratis copies available of my new book, written together with Natalia Sanchez and Aleksandra Kil. If you would like one in paperback, please email me with your postal address. You can also download the open access pdf version, http://www.oapen.org/search?identifier=569806

Best regards
Richard Rogers

Issue Mapping for an Ageing Europe
by Richard Rogers, Natalia Sanchez-Querubin and Aleksandra Kil
Amsterdam University Press, 2015

Issue Mapping for an Ageing Europe is a seminal guide to mapping social and political issues with digital methods. The issue at stake concerns the imminent crisis of an ageing Europe and its impact on the contemporary welfare state. The book brings together three leading approaches to issue mapping: Bruno Latour's social cartography, Ulrich Beck's risk cartography and Jeremy Crampton's critical neo-cartography. These modes of inquiry are put into practice with digital methods for mapping the ageing agenda, including debates surrounding so-called 'old age', cultural philosophies of ageing, itinerant care workers, not to mention European anti-ageing cuisine. Issue Mapping for an Ageing Europe addresses an urgent social issue with new media research tools.


Prof. Richard Rogers
Professor of New Media & Digital Culture
Department Chair, Media Studies
University of Amsterdam

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