[Air-L] Up-to-date syllabi on teaching online journalism/ journalism and social media

Kristin Dagmar Eckert stine.eckert at wayne.edu
Wed Apr 6 13:53:42 PDT 2016

Hi Everyone

I am working on revamping a syllabus for teaching a skills class for journalism students on online journalism/journalism and social media.

We want to create an advanced class for master level journalism students building on basics they have already learnt. So I am looking for syllabi for advanced classes on journalism and social media that teach students skills (not theory) that they need as journalists right now and going forward. Can anyone help?

You can also contact me off-list: stine.eckert at wayne.edu

Thank you all.

Best regards,


Stine Eckert, Ph.D.

Vice-Chair Feminist Scholarship Division, ICA

Assistant Professor

Department of Communication

571 Manoogian Hall

Wayne State University

Detroit, MI 48201




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