[Air-L] THIS WEEK: Twitter Book Club: How to Think about Digital Research

Christian Sandvig csandvig at umich.edu
Tue Aug 16 07:04:47 PDT 2016

Dear AIR Colleagues,

I'm writing to invite you to an experimental "twitter book club" starting
now and running until this Thursday.  It is a format my university is
trying out. I foolishly promise an overview of ALL OF DIGITAL RESEARCH
METHODS in one chapter. To participate, read the free book chapter (PDF
linked below) then tweet questions/comments that include the #umsibookclub
hashtag in the next two days.  There is also a period with live interaction
with the author (me) if you choose, but you can also participate

This is the university's second attempt at this format.  I was a reader for
the first attempt and I found it to be a little bit like a new sport, as
the questions/comments and the author responses must all be tweets (limited
to 140 characters). It's quite a challenge! My favorite tweet last time

@kentarotoyama @niftyc Latour: 4 things wrong with ANT: "actor" "network"
"theory" and hyphen! :-p #umsibookclub

Anyhow, it was a fun way to motivate myself to read something new. This
occasion might be useful if you are considering assigning this book in an
upcoming research methods class.  I hope some of you are interested!  The


UMSI Social Media Book Club: "How to Think about Digital Research"
(free reading: Digital Research Confidential, chapter 1)
with Christian Sandvig

Hoping to see you "there",

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