[Air-L] Statement by Feminist Academics Concerning Dr Lee Salter, the University of Sussex and Institutionalised Misogyny in British HE

Sanaz Raji sanaz.raji at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 09:22:01 PDT 2016

On Friday 12th August 2016, The Independent published a piece indicating
that Dr Lee Salter, a senior lecturer in Media and Communications at the
University of Sussex (UK) gruesomely assaulted his partner and former
student, Ms Allison Smith earlier this year. The piece further explained
that Dr Salter had* “punched in the face [Ms Smith], knocked out and
stamped on, [….] had salt poured into her eyes and ears.” *The photographs
that were published in The Independent piece speaks volumes about the
horrific violence and trauma that Dr Salter inflicted upon Ms Smith.[...]

What is truly telling in this case is the woefully callous and negligent
response from the University of Sussex*. During the 10-month period between
his arrest and conviction, Dr Salter was permitted to teach, despite the
fact that the university was aware that he had committed a violent crime
against Ms Smith. *Meanwhile, it was reported that Ms Smith was so
traumatised by the gross maltreatment and abuse that she received from Dr
Salter that she was too afraid to leave her house.[...]

*We as academics, activists, independent researchers, and most importantly
as feminists strongly believe that it should not have taken over ten months
and a national media story to have prompted the termination of Dr Salter's
employment at the University of Sussex.* We also believe that the
University of Sussex is equally at fault for allowing Dr Salter to resume
his teaching and pastoral duties in light of the fact that they knew he had
committed a violent assault, in particular to one of their students,
endangering other cisgender and trans women. We additionally demand the

1. We strongly demand that Dr Salter not be hired to teach at any other
university, whether in the United Kingdom or abroad.

2. That the University of Sussex and other British universities revisit and
thoroughly revise their procedures of dealing with gendered violence and
sexual harassment.

3. We demand that all British universities conduct thorough background
checks on prospective employees to include asking prospective employees
references about any inappropriate conduct of the person and specifically
about sexual harassment and/or assault.



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