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Tue Aug 23 03:42:51 PDT 2016

A full time vacancy is open for research in the scope of the Horizon 2020
“PIE News” project (Poverty, Income, and Employment News) at the Madeira
Interactive Technologies Institute, Madeira Island, Portugal (M-ITI). M-ITI
is an highly interdisciplinary and international research institute who
collects artists, designers, computer scientists, and social scientists, to
engage with critical technical practices.

The overall ambition of the PIE News project is to foster the emergence of
commonfare as an alternative economic model to fight poverty, a condition
affecting some 25% of the European population. Commonfare is a new
collaborative form of welfare provision based on equitable governance and
grassroots democracy. It entails the involvement of diverse stakeholders to
facilitate the bottom-up arousal of collective practices tackling the needs
of the new poor (precarious workers, working poor, NEETs, people left
behind by safety nets). The consortium will achieve this goal through a
Collective Awareness Platform (CAPS) which (a) informs people about
existing welfare state provisions, (b) provides them with the means to
share good practices on how to handle poverty-related issues, and (c)
supports their abilities to network and to sustain real-life value.

The person will research and investigate the public design process enacted
during the PIE News project. In particular, will focus on the interrelation
between the design of the technical components of the platform and the
formation of a vibrant public interested in and supportive of the platform
itself. The person will work under the supervision of Prof. Maurizio Teli,
the Research and Innovation Coordinator of the PIE News project.

Whoever is interested, can contact us via  hr at m-iti.org  to receive more
information and a more extended description of the project.

The desired profile is the one of a person engaged in social sciences,
interested in Science and Technology Studies and/or Media Studies, as well
as related fields, with a focus on the relation between digital
technologies and the association of people around specific issues.

Duration: The position is for one year, with funding available for renewing
them for another year. The maximum legal of three years is depending on
further funding.

Envisaged Job Starting Date: 01/11/2016

Working Hours: 7.5 per day

Fellowship value: The monthly maintenance stipend is of 1495€ net,
according to the Portuguese directives from the ministry of science and
education www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/valores.phtml.en). This value can be
complemented with social security reimbursement if the researcher
subscribes the voluntary SSV according to the Portuguese Law – Lei Nº.
202/2012, de 27 de Agosto.

The selection criteria include:
- 35% publication record in the relative fields;
- 35% ability to work in interdisciplinary teams;
- 30% experience in related tasks.
The candidate should be in possession of a Ph.D., or close to completion,
at the time of application. The capability to work in English is a
necessary requirement.
Members of the Jury: Prof. Dr. Maurizio Teli, Prof. Dr. Nuno Jardim Nunes,
and Prof. Dra. Valentina Nisi

How to apply:
Applications will be accepted by email (hr at m-iti.org ) with the reference
“PIENEWS – RH002”.

The application must include:
- Letter of introduction, explaining how the candidate is covering the
- CV (Europass) with a photo;
- Copy of all certificates that prove the habilitations mentioned in the CV
or that the habilitations will be obtained before the beginning of the
contract - Minimum of two recommendation letters written by academics who
have worked with the candidate

This announcement is visible here: http://www.m-iti.org/node/3896

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