[Air-L] The new journal Global Media and China published inaugural special issue on Media Narratives of China's Future

Xiao Han kilou.xiao.han at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 20:24:31 PDT 2016

Dear AIR colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that our new open-access journal Global Media and China - co-produced by the SAGE and Communication University of China (CUC) - published its inaugural special issue on Media Narratives of China’s Future. 

We are also pleased to announce that the website for submission goes live, and we are ready to receive manuscripts at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/gmac <https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/gmac>.  For more information about Global Media and China, please go to
gch.sagepub.com <http://gch.sagepub.com/>, you can also find detailed submission guidelines there. 

You can freely read this inaugural issue at: http://gch.sagepub.com/content/current <http://gch.sagepub.com/content/current> 


Daya Thussu

Liao Xiangzhong
    New hope, new global media and China


Thomas A Hollihan and Zhan Zhang
    Media narratives of China’s future


Patricia Riley, Rong Wang, Yuehan Wang, and Lingyan Feng
    Global warming: Chinese narratives of the future

Cara Wallis and Anne Balsamo
    Public interactives, soft power, and China’s future at and beyond the 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Zhan Zhang
    A narrative future for Europe-China economic relations after the financial crisis

Ye Lu, Yajie Chu, and Fei Shen
    Mass media, new technology, and ideology: An analysis of political trends in China

Paul SN Lee
    The rise of China and its contents for discursive power

Hiroko Okuda
    China’s “peaceful rise/peaceful development”: A case study of media frames of the rise of China

Roundtable Discussion

Monroe Price, Jack Qiu, Jiang Fei, Thomas Hollihan, and Zhan Zhang
    Roundtable Discussion of “Media Narratives and China’s Future"

All the best,
Xiao Han

Xiao Han (PhD)
Research Assistant, Communication University of China, CUC
Commissioning Editor, Global Media and China (SAGE), gch.sagepub.com <http://gch.sagepub.com/>

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