[Air-L] Statement by Feminist Academics Concerning Dr Lee Salter, the University of Sussex and Institutionalised Misogyny in British HE

Marta Delatte martadelatte at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 11:03:56 PDT 2016

thanks Sanaz

Theresa Senft started a fb group called "Researchers at risk" to discuss
and address this issues. I just posted all the information that you just
gave here. It is a closed group so I think you can only found it by
invitation, but I will be happy to add you.

in solidarity


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2016-08-20 17:22 GMT+01:00 Sanaz Raji <sanaz.raji at gmail.com>:

> On Friday 12th August 2016, The Independent published a piece indicating
> that Dr Lee Salter, a senior lecturer in Media and Communications at the
> University of Sussex (UK) gruesomely assaulted his partner and former
> student, Ms Allison Smith earlier this year. The piece further explained
> that Dr Salter had* “punched in the face [Ms Smith], knocked out and
> stamped on, [….] had salt poured into her eyes and ears.” *The photographs
> that were published in The Independent piece speaks volumes about the
> horrific violence and trauma that Dr Salter inflicted upon Ms Smith.[...]
> What is truly telling in this case is the woefully callous and negligent
> response from the University of Sussex*. During the 10-month period between
> his arrest and conviction, Dr Salter was permitted to teach, despite the
> fact that the university was aware that he had committed a violent crime
> against Ms Smith. *Meanwhile, it was reported that Ms Smith was so
> traumatised by the gross maltreatment and abuse that she received from Dr
> Salter that she was too afraid to leave her house.[...]
> *We as academics, activists, independent researchers, and most importantly
> as feminists strongly believe that it should not have taken over ten months
> and a national media story to have prompted the termination of Dr Salter's
> employment at the University of Sussex.* We also believe that the
> University of Sussex is equally at fault for allowing Dr Salter to resume
> his teaching and pastoral duties in light of the fact that they knew he had
> committed a violent assault, in particular to one of their students,
> endangering other cisgender and trans women. We additionally demand the
> following:
> 1. We strongly demand that Dr Salter not be hired to teach at any other
> university, whether in the United Kingdom or abroad.
> 2. That the University of Sussex and other British universities revisit and
> thoroughly revise their procedures of dealing with gendered violence and
> sexual harassment.
> 3. We demand that all British universities conduct thorough background
> checks on prospective employees to include asking prospective employees
> references about any inappropriate conduct of the person and specifically
> about sexual harassment and/or assault.
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