[Air-L] Data subjectivity presentation at AoIR 2015

Katie Derthick derthick at u.washington.edu
Thu Jan 21 15:15:22 PST 2016

Hello all,
I'm trying to find information about a talk I saw at AoIR last year in
Phoenix. I know a woman presented... she might have been from the UK?...
she talked about 'data subjectivity' by way of talking about data collected
by tracking devices like Fitbits...

Does someone remember this presentation/person/talk title, and if so, will
you email me the info, please? I'm having trouble accessing the conference
program online. I suppose if you have a copy of that, that would probably
work, too.


Katie Derthick
PhD Candidate
Human Centered Design & Engineering
University of Washington
derthick at uw.edu

We all experience such loneliness. I feel tremendously lonely myself. We
cannot really come up with the ideal occupation that will entertain us
completely. There is always some kind of gap where we have to experience a
sense of loneliness. I feel that a lot, but I feel joyful, too, just being
myself. You cannot expect one-hundred-percent hospitality anywhere at all.
That is precisely the meaning of liberation or freedom: freedom from both
the loneliness and the hospitality of the world. With that freedom, you
begin to find a new strength, a new dimension. You do not have to lean to
the right or the left anymore, but you could stand on your own two feet, or
one foot, whatever you possess. The ability to do that comes completely out
of practice. — Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, The Profound Treasury of the Ocean
of Dharma, Vol. 3

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