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We are pleased to announce the publication of Geoblocking and Global
Video Culture, an open-access edited collection on the politics of
region control and circumvention in digital media.

To download the PDF, visit


Eds. Ramon Lobato and James Meese
Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2016

How do global audiences use streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix
and iPlayer? How does the experience of digital video change according
to location? What strategies do people use to access out-of-region
content? What are the commercial and governmental motivations behind

Geoblocking and Global Video Culture explores the cultural
implications of access and circumvention in an age of VPNs. Featuring
seventeen chapters from diverse critical positions and locations -
including China, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, Cuba, Brazil, USA, Sweden and
Australia - the book offers a wide-ranging analysis of region control
in digital media industries.

Available as a free PDF, EPUB, ISSUU, and print-on-demand book from
Institute of Network Cultures -



>> PART I: Perspectives on Geoblocking <<

Introduction: The New Video Geography - Ramon Lobato

Tunneling Media: Geoblocking and Online Border Resistance - Juan

The Logics and Territorialities of Geoblocking - Cameran Ashraf & Luis
Felipe Alvarez León

Geoblocking, Technical Standards and the Law - Marketa Trimble

Periscope, Live-Streaming and Mobile Video Culture - Adam Rugg &
Benjamin Burroughs

Circumvention, Media Sport and The Fragmentation of Video Culture -
James Meese & Aneta Podkalicka

Live Sports, Piracy and Uncertainty: Understanding Illegal Streaming
Aggregation Platforms - Florian Hoof

The Future in a Vault of Plastic: Physical Geolocking in the Era of
the 16-bit Video Game Cartridge, 1988-1993 - Roland Burke

>> PART II: Circumvention Case Studies <<

China: The Techno-Politics of the Wall - Jinying Li

Australia: Circumvention Goes Mainstream - Ramon Lobato & James Meese

Turkey: Coping With Internet Censorship - Çigdem Bozdag

Sweden: Circumvention and the Quest for Privacy - Chris Baumann

Malaysia: Global Binge-Viewing in a Restrictive State - Sandra Hanchard

Brazil: Netflix, VPNs and the ‘Paying’ Pirates - Vanessa Mendes Moreira de Sa

Iran: A Friction between State Ideology and Network Society - Hadi
Sohrabi & Behzad Dowran

Cuba: Videos to the left – Circumvention Practices and Audiovisual
Ecologies - Fidel A. Rodriguez

The USA: Geoblocking in a Privileged Market - Evan Elkins

Ramon Lobato
Senior research fellow
Swinburne Institute for Social Research | Department of Media and Communication
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