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Perhaps this Workshop may be of interest to some of you.




Legal and Policy Dimensions of Cybersecurity


A by-invitation experts' workshop to be held at

George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs 

September 28-29, 2016


The security of information networks and databases is now a critical
element of national security and economic competitiveness. Rapid growth in
e-commerce, banking, and communication systems and the Internet of Things
(IoT) has increased efficiency and driven economic growth, but by
necessity these systems preclude consumers' control over how and where
their data are collected, archived and processed. Recent high-profile
breaches of security at banks and retailers, coupled with secret and
not-so-secret efforts by foreign governments and rogue actors to attack
critical information infrastructures, have heightened these concerns.
Legal and policy responses to the cybersecurity challenge are just as
important as technological ones. 


To focus much-needed attention on this field of study, the IIP invites
authors to submit abstracts addressing the policy and legal aspects of
information security, privacy, data protection, cybersecurity-related
legislation, and critical cyber-infrastructure protection. Authors of the
selected papers will be invited to present and discuss them during a 2 day
by-invitation-only experts workshop held at the George Washington
University School of Media and Public Affairs on September 28-29
(Wed.-Thu.), 2016. Each paper will be assigned a respondent recruited from
the local academic/policy/advocacy communities and will be allotted a full
hour for presentation, response and discussion. A reception and formal
dinner provide room for social interaction.


This workshop is twelfth in a series of workshops organized by the IIP
since 2011, in support of its Journal of Information Policy, published by
the IIP in partnership with the Penn State University Press
(http://www.psupress.org/Journals/jnls_JIP.html). Presenters at the
workshop will be invited to submit their completed papers for peer review
to the Journal, with the successful papers presented in special issues
dedicated to each workshop. The JIP has previously conducted workshops on
a variety of topics including the future of broadband policy, digital
diversity, new ICTs and democracy, media policy and advocacy, campaign
funding and media, intellectual property, and more. For programs of
previous workshops see:


Possible topics for the workshop include the following: 


               .      Critical infrastructure protection, including
information and energy networks

               .      Cybersecurity policies and governance in nation

               .      Cybersecurity policies and governance in
transnational organizations

               .      Threats and vulnerabilities to cybersecurity and the
policies they invoke

               .      Information policy and cybersecurity in the age of

               .      Data breaches and the law - regulation, enforcement,
protection, and damages

               .      Cybersecurity and U.S. courts 

               .      Cybersecurity and privacy legislation-federal and
state efforts to balance cyber security and civil liberties

               .      The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and consumer
online data protection enforcement-efforts, failures, future models

               .      The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and
web-based data regulation 

               .      Consumer data protection - an international legal
and diplomatic conundrum The Federal Information Security Management Act

               .      Cybersecurity models

               .      Cybersecurity management

               .       Cybersecurity concerns and democracy

               .      Strategic planning and security strategy

               .      History of cybersecurity policy and governance

               .      Security education, training and awareness

               .      The future of cybersecurity: uncertainties and


This workshop is made possible with financial contributions from the Penn
State Colleges of Communications, Information Sciences and Technology, and
Law, and the Office of the Provost, and with organization assistance from
the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs.


Abstracts of up to 500 words and a short bio of the author(s) should be
submitted to pennstateiip at psu.edu <mailto:pennstateiip at psu.edu>  by July
15, 2016. Please write IIP_CYBERSECURITY: YOUR NAME in the subject line.
Presenters will be notified by August 15, 2016 regarding acceptance.
Accepted papers will need to be submitted by September 19, 2016.


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