[Air-L] Anyone studying Ingress or whole game play histories?

Peter Timusk peterotimusk at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 14:28:46 PDT 2016

Interestingly Eve Online saves all one's 'in game' messages and chat logs to
simple text files on the gamer's C drive on their PC. I saved all these
files over multiple PC's I have played the game on. I have almost my whole
game history in small text files. A toy big data problem as there are at
least 500,000 files now.  


Ingress a GPS cell phone  exercise game sends e-mail/gmail notifications
when one's landmarks are attacked by the other team. I have 5,000 e-mails
after a few months playing.



I have successfully compiled and parsed these files, the Eve game logs and
the Ingress gmail notifications which can be a form of record of my entire
game play. 


I can look at my first days in Eve and the huge risks I took in game play
not knowing these were risks. Risk is a nice topic in gaming because of
gambling studies and the policy desire to help compulsive gamblers.




Anyone else analyzing whole game playing histories as data?


Would you have thoughts on tracing out behaviour in game playing log files?




Peter Timusk B.Math (statistics) B.A. (legal studies) graduate school
certificate in systems sciences, Working in government statistics in Canada.

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