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Later today, Jun 22 2016, the inaugural meeting of the Open Music Initiative
<http://www.open-music.org/> takes place in NYC. The OMI is a collaboration
between the Berklee school and the MIT Media Lab and others to "to promote
and advance the development of open source standards and innovation related
to music," However, when I got in touch and offered to livestream the
meeting, I was told "the meeting is closed to the public so live streaming
won't be permitted". It seems old habits die hard.
By total contrast, the Engelberg/TPI conference last Friday, archived
below, was an exemplar of the kind of open multistakeholder forum that
we've come to expect in modern policy and standards development. Kudos.

joly posted: "On June 17 2016 the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law &
Policy and the Technology Policy Institute, hosted a conference Music
Licensing: Innovations for Modern Times at NYU Law School in NYC. Described
as "A conversation among academics, industry rep"

[image: music_policy]
*June 17 2016* the *Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy
<http://www.nyuengelberg.org/>* and the *Technology Policy Institute
<https://techpolicyinstitute.org/>*, hosted a conference *Music Licensing:
Innovations for Modern Times
NYU Law School in NYC. Described as "A conversation among academics,
industry representatives, and policy experts on how the music licensing
ecosystem can compensate the right people more transparently, fairly, and
efficiently," the event comprised three panels. Video is below
Roundtable 1: How do we structure a modern digital music distribution
music-licensing ecosystem to be more competitive and work efficiently and
fairly for all stakeholders?

*Moderator*: *Larry Miller*, Clinical Associate Professor and Director,
Music Business Program, NYU Steinhardt; Panelists: *Michael Katz*, Sarin
Chair in Strategy and Leadership and Professor, Economics Department and
Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley; *David Levin*, Vice President,
Digital Licensing, Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI); *Steven Marks*, Chief,
Digital Business & General Counsel, Recording Industry Association of
America; *Katherine Oyama*, Senior Policy Counsel, Google, Inc.; *Daniel
Rubinfeld*, *Robert L. Bridges*, Professor of Law and Professor of
Economics Emeritus, UC Berkeley; Professor of Law, NYU School of Law;
Sprigman*, Professor, NYU School of Law.
*View on YouTube*: https://youtu.be/7YMFijJ1FEY
*Skip intro*: https://youtu.be/7YMFijJ1FEY?t=541
Roundtable 2: Deep Dive into Digital Databases

*Moderator*: *Christopher Sprigman*, Professor, NYU School of Law.
*Panelists*: *Jacqueline Charlesworth*, General Counsel and Associate
Register of Copyrights, United States Copyright Office; *Mark Eisenberg*,
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, SoundExchange, Inc.; *Andrea
Finkelstein*, EVP Global Business Affairs Operations, Sony Music
Entertainment; *James Griffin*, Managing Director, OneHouse; *Casey Rae*,
Director of Music Licensing, Sirius XM; *Lawrence White*, *Robert Kavesh*,
Professor of Economics and Deputy Chair, Economic Department, NYU Leonard
N. Stern School of Business.
*View on YouTube*: https://youtu.be/SgGyoZf6QKs
*Skip intro*: https://youtu.be/SgGyoZf6QKs?t=154
Roundtable 3: What Changes to the Current System Are Feasible that Would
Facilitate a Transition to a More Competitive Market?

*Moderator*: *Thomas Lenard*, President and Senior Fellow, Technology
Policy Institute. *Panelists*: *Dale Collins*, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
LLP; Adjunct Professor of Law, NYU School of Law; *Lee Knife*, Executive
Director, Digital Media Association; *Richard Masio*, Director of Music
Licensing, Pandora; *Brad Prendergast*, Senior Counsel, Licensing &
Enforcement, SoundExchange, Inc.; *Tim Quirk*, Founder/CEO, Freeform
Development; *David Wolfert*, Songwriter and Producer; Co-Founder, Council
of Music Creators and Music Answers; Songwriting Faculty, NYU Steinhardt.
*View on YouTube*: https://youtu.be/FV4V5eJOiUc
*Skip intro*: https://youtu.be/FV4V5eJOiUc?t=90

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