[Air-L] Call for papers: Imagining Digital India: Power, Control and Resistance

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*Special Issue:* *Imagining Digital India: Power, Control and Resistance*
*Guest Editor:* *Mohan J Dutta,* *National University of Singapore*

The digital imaginary marks the catalytic emergence of neoliberalism as an
organizing framework for Indian political economy. The realm of the digital
is the site of reworking of the state, civil society, and market
relationships, positioning a locally specific and culturally situated
narrative of the digital as an anchor to the imagination of the nation.
Citizenship is constituted by the digital, in the ambit of the
participation of a skilled workforce in an information technology-driven
economy on one hand and in the digitally mediated global free market on the
other. The digital as a site of desire and affect is thus the site for
reworking of power and control. Simultaneously, amid the large scale
deployment of the digital as an instrument of neoliberal hegemony,
communities across local spaces are voicing their resistance through
networks of relationships constituted digitally. What then are the
interplays among the realms of power, control and resistance in the context
of digital India? This special issue offers scholarship exploring the
circulation of capital, affect, and communication through digital
platforms. It also invites scholarship on digital resistance as a site of
political economic transformations in India.

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