[Air-L] call for internet researchers interested in peer-to-peer data sharing

Zara Rahman zara at cihr.eu
Thu Mar 3 00:42:41 PST 2016

Hi all,

Forwarding this for a colleague who is not on this list, but keen to be
connected with internet researchers interested in peer-to-peer data
sharing. Please get in touch with him directly (contact details below).




TheDat project <http://dat-data.com/> is looking for partners for an EU
grant consortium. The call we are responding to is
This specific call closes April 10th.

We are a highly technical project that builds decentralized technologies
for scientific reproducibility and data governance -- think BitTorrent
and Git, but open source, and more secure. We have received two grants
from the Sloan and Knight foundation.

The project we want to pitch is to build a decentralized, peer to peer
data sharing network for public interest datasets to ensure long term
access to public funded scientific research data, open government data
as well as improve data access speeds and availability.

We want to hear from groups interested in this topic and who would
consider joining our consortium. For a good consortium we need a
research partner, for example, that focuses on Internet and data ethics.

If you represent a group that would be interested, please email project
lead Max Ogden at max at maxogden.com <mailto:max at maxogden.com> to start a

Zara Rahman
http://zararah.net | Twitter: @zararah

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