[Air-L] SciencesPo Médialab is recruiting 2 professors in digital & computational social science

Liliana Bounegru liliana.bounegru at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 09:24:29 PDT 2016

I thought these 2 job openings at SciencesPo's Medialab in Paris, currently
directed by Prof. Bruno Latour, might be of interest to some of the people
on this list:

Professorship in (digital) social science focusing on analyzing and
developing digital methods and technologies. This position targets a
sociologist, philosopher, anthropologist, political scientist, STS or media
specialist who would be interested in studying the use of innovative
digital methods and technologies and revise the topics of his/her

Professorship in computational social science. This position is open to
researchers in computer science, with a background in managing data corpus,
and with a good habit to collaborate with social scientists or with
researchers who have completed additional training in social sciences.

More details here:




Liliana Bounegru


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