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Luis E. Hestres luis.hestres at utsa.edu
Wed Mar 30 10:25:47 PDT 2016

Hi all, 
I'm want to completely overhaul my 'Introduction to Communication Technologies' course, and that includes getting a new textbook that I would supplement with news articles other sources. In the course I try to giver historical overviews of major mass communication technologies, with an emphasis on digital media, and to also cover social, political, cultural, and regulatory aspects of each. This is a 200-level course, although some juniors and seniors also take it.
Right now I'm using 'Communication Technology Update & Fundamentals, edited by Grant & Meadows. It's a great resource that is updated every couple of years to reflect the latest developments for every technology, and is available as an ebook through our library. But I think my students feel overwhelmed by the level of technical detail. Can anyone recommend an alternative? I've thought of 'Mass Media Revolution' but I'm not sure if it's the right fit since we used it as a 100-level textbook when I was a TA, although there may not be that much difference.
Also, if you're teaching a similar course and are willing to share the syllabus I would be very grateful, especially if your course incorporates many active learning components.

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