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>Dear colleagues,
>Special Issue of Social Media + Society
>Infancy Online
>Eds Tama Leaver (Curtin University) and Bjorn Nansen (University of
>From the sharing of ultrasound photos on social media onward, the
>and communicating of babies¹ lives online is an increasingly ordinary and
>common part of everyday digitally mediated life. Online affordances can
>facilitate the instantaneous sharing and joys of a first smile, first
>and first word spoken to globally distributed networks of family, friends
>and publics. Equally, from pregnancy tracking apps to baby cameras hidden
>inside cuddly toys, infants are also subject to an unprecedented
>intensification of surveillance practices. Reflecting both of these
>contexts, there is a growing set of questions about the presence,
>participation and politics of infants in online networks. This special
>issue seeks to explore these questions in terms of the online spaces in
>which infants are present; the forms of online participation enabled for
>and curated on behalf of infants, and the range of political implications
>raised by infants¹ digital data and its traces, for both their present and
>future lives. Ideally papers will focus on the impact of digital
>technologies and networked culture on pre-birth, birth and the early years
>of life, along with related changes and challenges to parenthood and
>similar domains.
>Possible areas of focus include, but are by no means limited to:
>€ Social media and infant presence and profiles
>€ Cultural and national specificities of infant media use and presence
>€ Digital media in the everyday lives of young children
>€ The app economy, and capture of infant attention
>€ ³Mommy blogs,² and online curation
>€ Identity and impression management
>€ Ethics, persistence and the right to be forgotten
>€ Geographies of infant media use
>€ Infant interfaces and hardware
>€ Cultural responses to parenting, ³oversharing², privacy and surveillance
>€ Erasure of maternal bodies in digitising infancy
>€ Apps and services targeting infants as a consumer market
>Abstracts of 300 words should be submitted to both Tama Leaver
>t.leaver at curtin.edu.au and Bjorn Nansen nansenb at unimelb.edu.au by Friday,
>April. Where appropriate, please nominate an author for correspondence. On
>the basis of these short abstracts, invitations to submit full papers (of
>no more than 8000 words) will then be sent out by 15 April 2016. Full
>papers will be due by 1 July 2016, and will undergo the usual Social Media
>+ Society review procedure. Please note that an invitation to submit a
>paper for review does not guarantee paper acceptance.
>Dr Tama Leaver
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