[Air-L] Book announcement: Discursive self in microblogging

Daria Dayter coocho at gmail.com
Mon May 2 09:50:17 PDT 2016

Dear AoIRists,

please forgive the self-promotion! My new book "Discursive self in
microblogging: Speech acts, stories and self-praise" has just been
published by Benjamins. It might be interesting to those of you who
research the issues of identity formation online and/or teach classes on
linguistics of CMC.

The book is now available for review on The Linguist List:

Short description: This volume examines the language of microblogs drawing
on the example of a group of eleven users who are united by their interest
in ballet as a physical activity and an art form. The book reports on a
three and a half year study which complemented a 20,000 word corpus of
tweets with semi-structured interviews and participant observation. It
deals with two main questions: how users exploit the linguistic resources
at their disposal to build a certain identity, and how the community
boundaries are performed discursively. The focus is on the speech acts of
self-praise and complaint, and on the storytelling practices of
microbloggers. The comprehensive treatment of the speech act theory and the
social psychological approaches to self-disclosure provides a stepping
stone to the analysis of identity work, for which the users draw on two
distinctive interpretive repertoires – affiliative and self-promoting.

Further information about the book can be found on the publisher's website:

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