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Sarina Chen sarina.chen at uni.edu
Tue May 10 10:50:59 PDT 2016

I sent the following announcement to air-l at listserv.aoir.org, it bounced
back saying the mailbox was full.

Is it possible?



2016 Steve Jones Internet Research Lecture: Leopoldina Fortunati

The 2016 Steve Jones Internet Research Lecture features Leopoldina
Fortunati (University of Udine, Italy), at 12 pm, on June 14, 2016, in
Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk, International Communication Association’s 66th
Annual Conference, in Fukuoka, Japan.

The title of Fortunati’s lecture is “Feminism, labor and the mechanization
of everyday life.”  In the lecture, Fortunati will adopt a political
economy approach to examine the issue of machines diffusion in everyday
life, which connects machines with labor, value production and
struggles/resistance, especially by women, against the present organization
and division of labor.

Fortunati will address the social and political role of machines in
society, as well as social robots, which can be considered in many ways the
next new media. Some social robots built in recent years in many
laboratories are ready to be launched on the market and more generally
placed in society. But the conceptual tools to handle this last mile to go
still need to be fully developed. When an object of such technological
complexity and with such rhetorical power, like robots are, is no longer
used only by niches of innovators or users (such as autistic) but is
proposed as a good of mass consumption, a series of problems, new themes
and strategies comes into the spotlight.

This event is co-sponsored by the Carl Couch Center for Social and Internet
Research (www.cccsir.com), University of Illinois, Chicago, and the
International Communication Association.  For more information about this
event, please contact Shing-Ling Sarina Chen, sarina.chen at uni.edu.

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