[Air-L] Historicizing the Digital, University of Leicester, June 27-28

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Thu May 12 23:53:04 PDT 2016

Registration is now open for the following seminar.

You can register here<http://shop.le.ac.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?compid=1&modid=1&deptid=7&catid=849&prodvarid=607>.<http://shop.le.ac.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?compid=1&modid=1&deptid=7&catid=849&prodvarid=607>
To access the seminar programme, please visit our website: <http://www.histthedig.blogspot.co.uk> http://histthedig.blogspot.co.uk/p/programme.html

Historicizing the Digital: language practices in new and old media

Mon 27th - Tues 28th June 2016
University of Leicester, UK

Language and new media is a rapidly emerging area of applied linguistics which considers how the affordances of digital technologies promote new linguistic strategies for identity work by individuals and communities (Seargeant and Tagg 2013). Research suggests that language use in digital spaces is highly innovative (in forms, functions, ideologies and cultural norms), and especially so for written language, such as online spelling variation, code-switching, multimodality, and sharing (Georgakoupoulou and Spilioti 2015).

Our seminar, 'Historicizing the Digital', provides a space in which researchers are encouraged to re-evaluate assumptions and claims of digital communication research. The event explores the extent to which digital practices really are "new". What precedents might be found in earlier periods? What practices show continuity between the pre- and post-digital age? What practices constitute genuine innovation within digital spaces? The event invites speakers working within different historical periods who may not otherwise join in conversation to promote fresh discussions from a trans-historical perspective.

We look forward to welcoming you in June!

Best wishes,

Caroline Tagg and Mel Evans (seminar organisers)

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