[Air-L] Call for Posters: ICITST-2016 || December 5-7, 2016, Barcelona, Spain

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   The 11th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured
   Transactions (ICITST-2016)
   Technical Co-Sponsored by IEEE Spanish Section and IEEE Spanish
   Computer Chapter
   Venue: Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel
   December 5-7, 2016, Barcelona, Spain
   The ICITST-2016 encourages the submission of poster or demo proposals.
   All the accepted posters and demos will be included in the conference
   Important Dates:
   * Poster/Demo Proposal Submission: June 15, 2016
   * Notification of Poster/Demo Acceptance: June 30, 2016
   The topics in ICITST-2016 include but are not confined to the
   following areas:

   Internet Applications and Technology:
   * Internet Architecture
   * Internet of things
   * Broadband Access Technologies
   * Application Agents
   * Boundary Issues of Internet Security
   * Database Management
   * Data Models for Production Systems and Services
   * Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
   * IPSec Quality of Service
   * Knowledge Management
   * Embedded Systems
   * Defence Systems
   Ubi/Cloud Computing:
   * Authentication and Access Control for Data Protection in Ubi/Cloud
   * Context-Awareness and its Data Mining for UbiCom
   * Data Grids
   * Distributed Information Systems
   * Human-Computer Interface and Interaction for UbiCom
   * Ubiquitous Systems
   * USN/RFID Service
   * Smart Homes and its Business Model for UbiCom Service
   * Security and its Data Management for UbiCom
   * Peer to Peer Data Management
   * New Novel Mechanism and Application for Ubi/Cloud Computing
   Information Security:
   * Trust, Privacy and Data Security
   * Network Security Issues and Protocols
   * Security Challenges and Content Authoring
   * Cryptography
   * Secure Communications
   * Authentication Techniques
   * Chaos-based Data Security
   * MANET Security
   * Wireless Sensor Network Security
   * Organization Considerations in Security Policy Formulation and
   * Digital Forensics and Crimes
   * Biometrics
   * Cyber Security
   Multimedia and Web Services:
   * Intelligent Multimedia and its Data Management
   * Multimedia Information Systems
   * Multimedia Security
   * Web Databases
   * Web Metrics and its Applications
   * Web Mining including Web Intelligence and Web 3.0.
   * Web Services
   * XML and other extensible languages
   * Semantic Web and Ontology
   Infonomics and e-Technology:
   * Infonomics
   * Information Visualization
   * Information Management
   * Information Quality
   * Technology-Enabled Information
   * e-Learning
   * e-Commerce
   * e-Business
   * e-Government
   * e-Society
   * System Design and Security for e-Services
   * Synchronizing e-Security
   Poster submission:
   You can submit your poster online at
   or email it to posters at icitst.org
   For more details, please contact info at icitst.org or visit

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