[Air-L] Database reading list

Amanda Licastro amanda.licastro at gmail.com
Wed May 25 06:53:47 PDT 2016

Hello Air Followers,

I am looking to compile a list of readings on the database. I am
specifically looking for information about how data is collected,
organized, and manipulated in the humanities and social sciences, and even
more specifically in terms of our teaching/assessment materials. Take, for

Drucker, Johanna. “Database Narratives in Book and Online.” *Journal of
Electronic Publishing* 18.1 (2015): n. pag. Web.

Price, Kenneth M. “Edition, Project, Database, Archive, Thematic Research
Collection: What’s in a Name?” *Digital Humanities Quarterly* 3.3 (2009):
n. pag. Print.

I will create a public Zotero group of these materials and invite anyone on
the list who is interested once I collect your suggestions.

Thank you in advance,

Amanda Licastro, PhD
Assistant Professor of Digital Rhetoric,
Stevenson University in Maryland

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