[Air-L] Persistent Conversation CFP | 50th Anniversary HICSS | Deadline June 15

Yoram Kalman yoram.kalman at gmail.com
Thu May 26 00:04:05 PDT 2016

   The Persistent Conversation minitrack at HICSS is back. We invite you
   to submit your work to the upcoming 50^th anniversary HICSS. The CFP is
   here: [1]http://www.hicss.org/#!persistent-conversation/c236g

   ABOUT THE MINITRACK: A significant consequence of communication
   technologies is that conversations are no longer ephemeral and
   volatile. Most conversations mediated by technology leave a persistent
   record and become persistent conversations. This persistence transforms
   the essence of conversation, and it is the focus of extensive academic
   and applied research. The persistent conversation minitrack is the home
   of this research at HICSS. The minitrack was launched in 1999 by Susan
   Herring and Tom Erickson, and was led by them until 2010. For details
   of the rich history of this minitrack and the accepted papers see Tom
   Erickson's page at: [2]http://tomeri.org/HICSS_PC_History.html

   The submission deadline is June 15. For other important dates, see

   If you have any questions, contact the minitrack co-chairs:

   Sheizaf Rafaeli (Primary Contact(

   University of Haifa

   [4]sheizaf at rafaeli.net

   Yoram M Kalman

   The Open University of Israel

   [5]yoramka at openu.ac.il

   Carmel Kent

   University of Haifa

   [6]kent.carmel at gmail.com
Yoram Kalman, PhD
Cell: +972 54 574 7375


   Visible links
   1. http://www.hicss.org/#!persistent-conversation/c236g
   2. http://tomeri.org/HICSS_PC_History.html
   3. http://www.hicss.org/#!importantdates/c1j3s
   4. mailto:sheizaf at rafaeli.net
   5. mailto:yoramka at openu.ac.il
   6. mailto:kent.carmel at gmail.com
   7. http://www.kalmans.com/

   Hidden links:
   8. http://www.hicss.org/#%21persistent-conversation/c236g
   9. http://www.hicss.org/#%21importantdates/c1j3s
  10. mailto:sheizaf at rafaeli.net
  11. mailto:yoramka at openu.ac.il
  12. mailto:kent.carmel at gmail.com

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