[Air-L] Database reading list

Anne Helmond anne at digitalmethods.net
Thu May 26 02:25:00 PDT 2016

Hi Amanda,

A few more suggestions:

Liu, Alan. 2008. Local Transcendence: Essays on Postmodern Historicism and
the Database. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Zwick, Detlev, and Janice Denegri Knott. 2009. “Manufacturing Customers The
Database as New Means of Production.” *Journal of Consumer Culture* 9 (2):
221–47. doi:10.1177/1469540509104375.

Manoff, Marlene. 2010. “Archive and Database as Metaphor: Theorizing the
Historical Record.” *Portal: Libraries and the Academy* 10 (4): 385–98.

Driscoll, Kevin. 2012. “From Punched Cards to‘ Big Data’: A Social History
of Database Populism.” Communication+ 1 1 (1): 4.

Mackenzie, Adrian. 2012. “More Parts than Elements: How Databases
Multiply.” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 30 (2): 335–50.

I'd love to join the whole list on Zotero, I'll email you my username.

Best regards,

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