[Air-L] Call for Participation: Workshop on Critical GIS

ryan burns ryan.burns1 at ucalgary.ca
Mon Aug 14 11:27:42 PDT 2017

*Call For Participation: workshop on Critical GIS*

This is a call for participation in a workshop on emerging theories in
Critical Cartography and GIS to be held during the North American
Cartographic Society (NACIS) meeting. For consideration, we are seeking
emergent work and epistemological interventions with respect to geographic
information (e.g., spatial media). Contributions might apply theoretical
insights to spatial knowledge politics not only of the visual, but also to
processes that influence the visual and society at large. For example, how
are current theories of Critical GIS related to data provenance, data
handling, spatial knowledge politics, narrative framings of the world, or
spatial decision making procedures? How are processes of GI acquisition and
analysis related (or not) to the visual outputs they often produce? How
have these processes come to be mediated and by what sociotechnical systems?

Our goal is not to rehash the substantive critiques of the 1990’s; powerful
and influential though they may be. Rather, we wish to solicit established
and emerging scholars to think through how new social theoretical frames,
new domains of knowledge production, and new technologies may fit together
to produce new knowledges. We are especially interested in expanding our
ideas of both what ‘critical’ and ‘geospatial’ might mean in relation to
fields like the digital (geo)humanities, Science and Technology Studies,
library science, spatial cognition, citizen science, smart cities and
Internet of Things, political ecology, and others.

We intend for this workshop to catalyze discussions with long-term
implications for the discipline. To facilitate such fresh approaches to the
field(s), we encourage co-authored, rather than single-authored,
contributions. To this end, we expect workshop participants to submit for
consideration to a special issue of International Journal of GIS, which we
will commence organizing in late 2017.

The workshop will be held at McGill University on Friday October 13,
concurrent with Workshop Day at NACIS in Montreal.

Please respond to this call and specify which of the following applies to

   1. You would like us to partner you with someone who has a different
   view point from you and we think you would come up with interesting ideas
   together, related to critical GIS.
   2. You have a co-author who has a different view point who you have
   never written with and you would like to write with.
   3. You can attend the NACIS workshop.

To be considered for this workshop, please submit a 500-1000 word (1-2
pages) short paper outlining your position with respect to new theories of
Critical GIS and/or Cartography by August 31. Please submit the short
papers to renee.sieber at mcgill.ca. We recognize that the timing between the
end of August and the middle of October is quite short. Therefore, all
people who submit short papers will be accepted to attend the NACIS

Renee Sieber, Associate Professor, McGill University
Luke Bergmann, Assistant Professor, University of Washington Seattle
Ryan Burns, Assistant Professor, University of Calgary
Britta Ricker, Assistant Professor, University of Washington Tacoma
Jim Thatcher, Assistant Professor, University of Washington Tacoma

Ryan Burns, PhD
Dept of Geography
University of Calgary


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