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Hi Sarah

If you're looking for academic articles as well as media texts, then the recent EASST review has some interesting short articles on post-truth specifically related to Trump in the 'STS Live' section - https://easst.net/issue/easst-review-volume-362-july-2017/ 

These aren't about evaluating facts on the internet specifically, but are more philosophical (and disciplinary) arguments about the status of facts, truth and expertise. 

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These are interesting reads, if you have not come across them already:



This website is tracking Russian bots etc:


And an interesting podcast from NPR:

Not much help regarding strategies for getting facts though I'm afraid.


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> Hi all,
> I?m participating in a seminar called ?History in the Age of Trump? and am
> gathering resources (websites, articles, podcasts, online discussions etc)
> highlighting the problems we face in securing ?facts? and evidence today,
> along with strategies for accessing reliable evidence and sources on the
> internet. ?I?d be grateful for any recommendations and thoughts from the
> AIR-L community.
> Thanks in advance,
> Sarah Ketchley

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