[Air-L] pens, pencils, styli?

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IMO it's got a lot to do with many devices now affording the same
capabilities as typically
high-end digital drawing hardware. Those in creative/design fields who
would usually buy a Wacom cintiq or intuos
are now more likely to get a surface or ipad pro with a pen or stylus and
converge these different features. Previously that wasn't really possible,
so I think it's a combination of factors. For sure, people miss writing
with their hands, but it's also got to do with cornering a new market :)

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On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 4:05 PM, Davidson, Judith <Judith_Davidson at uml.edu>

> This is an interesting development.  I think you may want to look at it in
> the context of the increasing interest among business and education folks
> in the area of taking notes by hand/with drawing.  There have been Ted
> Talks on this topic.  There is an educational podcast--Cool Cat
> Teacher--that has had some good episodes on digital notetaking and links to
> others who are interested in this area.  Judy Davidson
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> Dear AoIRists,
> It has gradually come to my lagging attention that pens, pencils, and/or
> styli seem to be making a bit of comeback?
> Roughly: Microsoft introduced a Surface Pen in 2012, which interacts with
> various capabilities in the 8.1 and the most recent 10 OS; Apple introduced
> its Pencil for the iPad in 2015 - one that works with Microsoft apps as
> well as Adobe and others; Microsoft; and Lenovo offers a pen technology
> (either in Android or Windows OS) with one of its recent devices - <
> http://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/tablets/android-tablets/yoga-
> book-series/Lenovo-Yoga-Book/p/ZZITZTOYB1F>
> (Thanks to Rich Ling for the last tip.)
> I'm also aware of a growing body of research on handwriting vis-a-vis
> keyboarding that appears to show that engaging the body via hand and pen,
> in contrast with solely using a keyboard, entails greater brain activity
> and thereby greater cognitive benefits, including greater ability to
> discern and articulate complex conceptual relationships, along with greater
> recall.
> (E.g.: A. van der Meer, F.R. van der Weel, Only Three Fingers Write, but
> the Whole Brain Works: A High-Density EEG Study Showing Advantages of
> Drawing Over Typing for Learning.
> Front. Psychol., 09 May 2017. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00706)
> My resulting questions:
> 1) are you aware of any additional research along these lines, i.e.,
> attending to the affordances and potentials of both handwriting and
> keyboarding vis-a-vis cognitive benefits - especially with a view towards
> pedagogy, i.e., how we should teach writing, most especially writing for
> research and publication?
> 2) Any ideas of what research and/or other interests, etc. might have led
> Apple, Microsoft, and Lenovo to re-introduce pens and styli - apart from
> the death of Steve Jobs, who notoriously hated these? (I mean this
> respectfully.)
> Please reply off-list.  I'll happily compile a bibliography and resource
> list for distribution to the list in turn.
> Many thanks in advance,
> - charles
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