[Air-L] Online Survey about Bots in social Networks: Your participation is desired

Johann Burger - Danube University Krems, Austria johann.burger at edu.donau-uni.ac.at
Sun Dec 3 14:20:43 PST 2017

Dear AoIR Members,


enclosed you find a link to an online survey, which is part of my Master
Thesis about 'Acceptance of Bots in social Networks'. The survey includes
some closed questions related to the categories trust, acceptance, ethics
and technology.


With the exceptional possibility to get feedback from a global Internet
research community regarding this topic I am asking for your participation.


To start the survey, please follow this link:


Feel free to forward this survey to other researchers and groups; it helps
to get a comprehensive collection of data.



Thank you for your participation and Best Regards from Austria,



Student at the Danube University Krems, Austria

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