[Air-L] Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online Report Released w/ Syllabus

Alice E. Marwick amarwick at gmail.com
Tue May 16 11:56:45 PDT 2017

Hi everyone!

I'm very pleased to announce a giant new report I wrote with Becca Lewis on
"Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online."

You can find it here:

In it, we talk about how far-right groups use a variety of techniques to
spread and amplify their messaging through mainstream media. We talk about
who these people are (trolls, white nationalists, men's rights activists);
where they congregate online (the chans, various blogs and YouTube
channels, Discord servers); the tactics and strategies they use
(participatory culture, memes, radicalization); what motivates them
(ideology, money, and status/fame), and some possible outcomes
(misinformation, decreased trust in media, increased radicalization).

It is 100pp long including an extensive bibliography. The report is very
detailed, but is written in an accessible style that should appeal to
non-academics as well.

We've also released a syllabus (including assignments!) that you can use to
incorporate the report into your classroom:


Would love to hear feedback and please feel free to share with friends,
colleagues, and social media.


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