[Air-L] WEBCAST TODAY: CITI – The FCC’s Incentive Auction: Lessons Learned

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Thu Oct 12 11:13:50 PDT 2017

​Apparently, while Columbia U undergoes some massive rebuilding, it's
rather difficult to get rooms up there. Thus CITI has taken to online
activities with some gusto. Check their website
<http://www.citicolumbia.org/> for an ongoing series on Digital Finance
webinars. Equitable spectrum redistribution is a vital issue, and something
the Internet Society spoke out about
<https://www.internetsociety.org/policybriefs/spectrum/> just two days ago.
This should be good viewing.


[image: CITI] <http://www.citicolumbia.org/>Today *Thursday October 12th
2017* at *3:30pm ET* the *Columbia Institute for Tele-Information
<http://www.citicolumbia.org/> *presents an online conference *The FCC's
Incentive Auction: Lessons Learned


The Incentive Auction is the most complex spectrum auction ever conducted
It successively cleared 84 MHz of TV spectrum and re-allocated 70 MHz for
mobile services. However, it also took approximately 4 years to design and
bidding last 1 year and 1 day. Repacking of the cleared spectrum will take
over 39 months before the spectrum will become fully available for the
winning bidders. On the TV side, single entities owned multiple stations in
many markets. In addition, the pricing algorithm left many anomalies. On
the buy side, only one of the four national mobile operators entered any
bids after the first stage, and only of the two smaller operators, with
limited low-band holdings ex ante was successful in closing the gap with
the stronger rivals.
This conference addresses how well the auction achieved its policy goals.
What may be improved? Should the FCC or other countries try to run two
sided auctions again to clear spectrum for re-purposing.

Speakers include *Eli Noam*, *Paul Garrett*, Chair in Public Policy and
Business Responsibility, Columbia University; *David Salant*, Visiting
Professor, Toulouse School of Economics; *Jon Peha*, Professor of
Electrical Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University; and *Greg
Rosston*, Director of the Public Policy Program, Stanford University. The
event will be webcast live on the *Internet Society's Livestream Channel

*View on Livestream*: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/fccauction

*Twitter*: http://bit.ly/incentiveauction

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