[Air-L] Citation question: App Store Reviews Only on Mobile?

Joseph Reagle joseph.2011 at reagle.org
Wed Oct 25 09:22:32 PDT 2017

On 10/25/17 11:00 AM, Scott Kushner wrote:
> So.... Has anyone encountered (and perhaps overcome) the problem of citing
> comments only present via mobile app store with no obvious URL?

Never had to do this myself, but there is an API available.

For example, you can view it as an RSS feed if you know the App ID. For example, here's the feed for Urban Spoon:


Unfortunately, it doesn't like like the reviews have unique IDs, but maybe they do in a different format (JSON or XML)? 

Even with the RSS feed, you get do get the user name and a very specific date-time stamp.

Here's a python library for the APIs of app stores:


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