[Air-L] Definitions of Social Media

Julian Hopkins julian.hopkins at monash.edu
Fri Oct 20 02:15:37 PDT 2017

Hi all,

following the useful sharing of definitions of social media a few weeks
ago, I compiled them and put them on a blog post for myself and for my

If anyone is interested, it's here:

I also noted that Miller et al.'s more anthropological, 'culture as text'
approach was not mentioned:

"Social media should not be seen primarily as the platforms upon which
people post, but rather as the contents that are posted on these
platforms." (Miller et al. 2016: 61)

MILLER, D., E. COSTA, N. HAYNES, ET AL. 2016. How the World Changed Social
Media. London: UCL Press (available on-line:
accessed 15 April 2016).

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