[Air-L] VIDEO: US Senate Hearing – The Commercial Satellite Industry: What’s Up and What’s on the Horizon

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Sun Oct 29 22:34:38 PDT 2017

In his '*Future of the Internet* <https://future.internetsociety.org/>'
 remarks, *VInt Cerf* alluded to approaching large-scale satellite
deployments as a connectivity gamechanger. Last week, leaders of four such
efforts visited Washington to update Senators on their progress. Here is a
trimmed, brightened, and captioned version of the official video. Go to *the
page* <http://isoc-ny.org/p2/9514> to view, or read *the txt*
<http://isoc-ny.org/misc/2017-10-26_senate_satellite.txt> to skim,.

* If anyone has a student they'd like to set to work on 'grammarizing' the
transcript, please feel free!

[image: US Senate]On *Wednesday Oct 25 2016* the *Senate Committee on
Commerce, Science, and Transportation <http://www.commerce.senate.gov/>* held
a hearing *The Commercial Satellite Industry: What’s Up and What’s on the
The hearing examined commercial satellite services and next-generation
satellite services affecting consumers. Witnesses: *Patricia Cooper*, Vice
President of Satellite Government Affairs, SpaceX; *Mark Dankberg*, Chief
Executive Officer, ViaSat; *Stephen Spengler*, Chief Executive Officer,
Intelsat; *Greg Wyler*, Founder and Executive Chairman, OneWeb.

*Download*: video <http://isoc-ny.org/misc/2017-10-26_senate_satellite.mp4>
 | captions <http://isoc-ny.org/misc/2017-10-26_senate_satellite.srt> | raw
transcript <http://isoc-ny.org/misc/2017-10-26_senate_satellite.txt>

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