[Air-L] invitation to a second pedagogy survey related to connectivism & teaching

Simona Lohan elena-simona.lohan at tut.fi
Mon Sep 4 05:00:10 PDT 2017

Dear all,

We kindly invite you to participate to our teaching & learning related 
survey (second iteration), found at the link below. We estimate that the 
survey completion takes about 15-30 minutes (there are 14 questions) and 
anyone with experiences in (recent) teaching or stydying is qualified to 
answer, no matter on the topic, background or country. The participation 
is completely on a  volunteer  basis and the answers are stored and 
processed anonymously:


Many thanks for those who already answered our first iteration of this 
survey, which helped us to improve and clarify the survey questions,

Best regards

Simona Lohan on a behalf of a team of researchers in Tampere &Turku 
organizing this survey

Associate Professor,  Dr. Tech.
Laboratory of Electronics and Comm. Engineering
Tampere University of Technology
P.O. Box 553, FIN-33101 Tampere

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