[Air-L] How significant is algorithmic personalization in searches for political parties and candidates? (Part II)

Cornelius Puschmann cornelius.puschmann at hiig.de
Wed Sep 6 00:07:57 PDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

apologies (again) for crossposting. We have done further analysis on
personalization in Google search data in relation to the upcoming German
national elections that I wanted to share with you:

Feedback is of course very welcome.

An earlier paper on the subject (though with entirely different data) by
one of our current fellows, Juhi Kulshrestha, and colleagues, is available

All best,


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*Recent paper:*
Puschmann, C., & Scheffler, T. (2016). Topic modeling for media and
communication research: A short primer (*HIIG Discussion Paper Series* No.
2016–5). Berlin. Retrieved from

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