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Exploring an era of digitally-mediated relationships where many people
build and sustain both platonic and romantic relationships with technology.
Virtual Relationships*
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We are happy to announce the publication of a NEW ISSUE of the Journal of
Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR):
  Volume 10, Number 2: *Real Virtual Relationships*

Issue editors: *Richard E. Ferdig*, Kent State University, USA, *Kristine
E. Pytash*, Kent State University, USA, and *Glenn W. Muschert*, Miami
University, USA.

We live in an era of digitally-mediated relationships. From finding a
spouse online to daily interactions facilitated through social media, many
people build and sustain both platonic and romantic relationships with
technology. Virtual worlds are also spaces for these interactions. This
special issue is dedicated to an exploration of such topics in a collection
of articles exploring “real virtual relationships.”
Issue Editor Corner

The Recursive Relationship between Virtual and Real in Relationships
*Richard E. Ferdig, Kristine E. Pytash, Glenn W. Muschert*

Peer Reviewed Research Papers Virtually Together: Examining Pre-Existing
Relationships in MMOG Play
Bergstrom, Jennifer Jenson, Suzanne de Castell, Nicholas Taylor
De-Roling from Experiences and Identities in Virtual Worlds
Gualeni, Daniel Vella, Johnathan Harrington
Empathy with Non-Player Characters? An Empirical approach to the
Foundations of Human/Non-Human Relationships
Harsh Words and Deeds: Systematic Content Analyses of Offensive* User
Behavior in the Virtual Environments of Online First-Person Shooter Games
Holz Ivory, James D. Ivory, Winston Wu, Anthony M. Limperos, Nathaniel
Andrew, Brandon S. Sesler
Not Playing the Game: Negative Opinions about Online Dating and Video
Gaming among Non-Participants
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*Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan* Editor In-Chief
  *The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research*

Real Virtual Relationships
Vol. 10, No. 2
*Copyright © 2017 Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, All rights reserved.*

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