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I'm glad and proud to announce the publication of the dossier Information
Ethics from a Marxian Perspective, from the International Review of
Information Ethics, organized by myself and dear Ricardo Pimenta.

Available at: http://i-r-i-e.net/current_issue.htm

I invite everyone to take a look.

Below is the summary.

Best regards,

Marco Schneider

International Review of Information Ethics Vol. 26 (12/2017)

ISSN 1614-1687



*Marco Schneider, Ricardo M. Pimenta:*
Introduction to Information Ethics from a Marxian Perspective

*Wilhelm Peekhaus:*
A Marxist Account of and Suggested Alternative to Capitalist Academic

*Rodrigo Moreno Marques:*
Polarization of information and knowledge: a dialectical approach

*Carlos Figueiredo, César Bolaño:*
Social Media and Algorithms: Configurations of the Lifeworld Colonization
by New Media

*Bianca Rihan Pinheiro Amorim:*
Produção informacional na era do capitalismo neoliberal: uma crítica ética
e dialética

*Carla Viola:*
Information ethics and information literacy: A material-historical study
between capital and class struggle in the Marxian perspective

*Marco Schneider; Ricardo M. Pimenta:*
Walter Benjamin’s Concept of History and the plague of post-truth

*Ivan Capeller:*
The Golem Allegories

*Gustavo Silva Saldanha:*
Trivium, arqui-segredos e pós-verdades

*Sylvia Debossan Moretzsohn:*
Contra o capital, em nome da humanidade: o sentido ético e político da luta
pelo direito à informação

*Michael Eldred:*
Gainful game, set-up, cyberworld

Articles outside of the Marxian theme of this issue

*Matthew Kelly:*
Unchain my heart and set me free: A new civil society library model

*Moisés Rockembach:*
Inequalities in digital memory: ethical and geographical aspects of web


*Maria Bottis and Eugenia Alexandropoulou *(eds.): Broadening the Horizons
of Information Lawand Ethics: A Time for Inclusion.

*Philipp Otto and Eike Gräf *(eds.): 3TH1CS: A Reinvention of Ethics in the
Digital Age?

*Michael Eldred*: The Land of Matta

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