[Air-L] New Book Announcement: Managing Democracy in the Digital Age

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Fri Feb 9 11:20:49 PST 2018

NEW BOOK: Managing Democracy in the Digital Age

We are pleased to announce the publication of *Managing Democracy in the
Digital Age: Internet Regulation, Social Media Use, and Online Civic
Engagement*, edited by Julia Schwanholz (University of Göttingen), Todd
Graham (University of Leeds), Peter-Tobias Stoll (University of Göttingen),
and published by Springer:




*1.       **Digital Transformation: New Opportunities and Challenges for

        Julia Schwanholz and Todd Graham

Part I. Challenges for Internet Regulation on the Global, EU, and National

*2.       **Internet Censorship in Liberal Democracies: Learning from

        Andreas Busch, Patrick Theiner, and Yana Breindl

*3.       **The Emergence and Analysis of European Data Protection

        Murat Karaboga

*4.       **Internet Policy and German Copyright Regulation. A Subsystem
Perspective to Assess Changes in Interest Group Dynamics and Policy-Making*

        Stefan Lindow

Part II. Political Communication and Social Media: From Politics to Citizens

*5.       **Parliaments 2.0? Digital Media Use by National Parliaments in
the EU*

        Patrick Theiner, Julia Schwanholz, and Andreas Busch

*6.       **Much Ado About Nothing? The Use of Social Media in the New
Digital Agenda Committee of the German Bundestag*

        Julia Schwanholz, Brenda Moon, Axel Bruns, and Felix Münch

*7.       **Social Media Logic and Its Impact on Political Communication
During Election Times*

        Pieter Verdegem and Evelien D’heer

*8.       **The Personal in the Political on Twitter: Towards a Typology of
Politicians’ Personalized Tweeting Behaviours*

        Todd Graham, Daniel Jackson, and Marcel Broersma

*9.       **Social Media Sourcing Practices: How Dutch Newspapers Use
Tweets in Political News Coverage*

        Bert Jan Brands, Todd Graham, and Marcel Broersma

Part III. Online Civic Engagement and the Public Sphere

*10.   **New Rituals for Public Connection: Audiences’ Everyday Experiences
of Digital Journalism, Civic Engagement, and Social Life*

       Joelle Swart, Chris Peters, and Marcel Broersma

*11.   **Social Media as Civic Space for Media Criticism and Journalism

        Goran Svensson

*12.   **Lurkers and the Fantasy of Persuasion in an Online Cultural Public

        Jakob Svensson

*13.   **Environmental Talk in the Chinese Green Public Sphere: A
Comparative Analysis of Daily Green-Speak Across Three Chinese Online

        Yu Sun, Todd Graham, and Marcel Broersma


*14.   **Clinton, Trump, and Artificial Intelligence*

        Einar Thorsen


Dr Todd Graham

University Academic Fellow in Media and Communication

School of Media and Communication

University of Leeds

+44 113 343 9945


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