[Air-L] Yahoo trustworthiness [lamentation]

Frantisek Sudzina frantisek.sudzina at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 14:21:49 PST 2018

In my opinion, at this moment, Canadian Pharmacies can compete with Yahoo
in terms on trustworthiness.
I believe I am not the only one to whom Yahoo shows an ad
Sponsored  Banyan Hill
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A new technology is set to rocket up to 8,000%
as high as the second regular link. Overall, at least five "similar" adds
appear each time I visit yahoo.com

I can't decide, if
a) Yahoo is so desperate to earn money it shows such ads
b) Yahoo is low on cash, so they create these ads in order to compile and
to sell to health insurances a list of stupid people as potential clients
for dementia treatment
c) a university ethics review committee approved a scientific project with
one or more research objectives and the reason I see it is completely
or d) it's a Canadian joke and the link leads to a page saying "get a job".

Maybe there is somebody bored here who could investigate it.

Frantisek Sudzina


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