[Air-L] History of AIR-L

Charlie Breindahl hitch at hum.ku.dk
Wed Feb 14 08:19:33 PST 2018

The first I heard about AoIR was when professor Klaus Bruhn Jensen came back to Copenhagen from a conference somewhere and mentioned that a group of people were considering forming an association for internet researchers. I think this must have been in the late spring of 1999. He gave me some names and I probably sent an email asking how I could help. As you know, the first Internet Research conference was organized by Nancy Baym and held in Lawrence, Kansas, in October 2000. AIR-L must have been up and running some time before this.

I think Steve Jones, our first president, created AIR-L. I think it ran on an iMac in his office, possibly on mailman list management software. We later changed to LISTSERV, perhaps in connection with changing servers. 

I managed AIR-L from about 1999 or 2000 until Holly Kruse took over in 2004. Feel free to contact me. It was an exciting time!

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Breindahl, Charlie. (2016). Digital interaction design - computer art. In Lars Dybdahl (Ed.), Dansk Design Nu (pp. 216-223). København: Strandberg Publishing. https://goo.gl/Dy254B

Artifact Vol 4, No 1 (2017): What Images Do. https://goo.gl/bzCcjL

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