[Air-L] Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society Accepting Apps for Summer 2018 Internships

Rebecca Tabasky rtabasky at cyber.law.harvard.edu
Wed Feb 14 16:29:33 PST 2018


   The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University
   is accepting applications from students for our [1]summer 2018
   internship program.  More information is below - please feel welcome to
   reach out with questions, and please share with students you think may
   have interest!

   Many thanks, and all best,
   Becca Tabasky
   Manager of Community Programs
   Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University
   Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society 2018 Summer Internship
   Application deadline for all students for summer 2018 is Wednesday,
   February 28, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET
   Information about the summer program and links to the application
   procedures can be found below and at [2]http://brk.mn/summer
   About the Program
   Each summer the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard
   University swings open the doors of our vibrant yellow house to welcome
   a group of talented and curious students as full-time interns -
   [3]Berkterns! - who are passionate about the promise of the Internet.
   Finding connected and complementary research inquiries among their
   diverse backgrounds, students represent all levels of study, are being
   trained in disciplines across the board, and come from universities all
   over the world to tackle issues related to the core of the Center’s
   research agenda. Summer interns jump head first into the swirl of the
   Berkman Klein universe, where they are deeply and substantively
   involved in our research projects and efforts.

   Becoming invaluable contributors to the Center’s operation and success,
   interns conduct collaborative and independent research under the
   guidance of Berkman Klein staff, fellows, and faculty. Specific roles,
   tasks, and experiences vary depending on Center needs and interns'
   skills; a select list of expected opportunities for this coming summer
   is below. Typically, the workload of each intern is primarily based
   under one project or suite of projects, with encouragement and
   flexibility to get involved in additional projects across the Center.

   In addition to joining [4]research teams, summer interns participate in
   special lectures with Berkman Klein Center faculty and fellows, engage
   each other through community experiences like weekly interns discussion
   hours, and attend Center-wide events and gatherings with members of the
   wider Berkman Klein community. As well, each year interns establish new
   channels for fun and learning, such as [5]organizing debates and pub
   quizzes; establishing reading groups and book clubs; [6]producing
   podcasts and [7]videos; taking on the Mystic lakes and Brooklyn
   Boulders; and hosting potlucks, cook-offs, and BBQs (fortunately for
   us, people share).

   The word "awesome" has been thrown around to describe our internships,
   but don't take our word for it. Get a behind the scenes look at what
   it's like to be a summer intern at the Center through the [8]Summer
   Snapshot 2017 developed by summer 2017 Berktern Tym Yee; there you'll
   hear from interns about their experiences, projects, and out-of-the
   office explorations!  And an evergreen-in-spirit quote from former
   intern Zachary McCune in 2008 continues to sparkle (even as the rock
   band reference dates it): "it has been an enchanting summer working at
   the berkman center for internet & society.  everyday, i get to hang out
   with some of the most brilliant people on the planet. we talk, we write
   (emails), we blog, we laugh, we play rock band. and when things need to
   get done, we stay late hyped on free coffee and leftover food. it is a
   distinct honor to be considered a peer among such excellent people. and
   i am not just talking about the fellows, staff, and faculty, though
   they are all outstanding. no, i mean my peers as in my fellow interns,
   who are almost definitely the ripening next generation of

   Select Expected Summer 2018 Opportunities
   A list of projects and research areas interns will engage may be found
   Time Commitment
   The summer 2018 program will run from Monday, June 4, 2018 through
   Friday, August 10, 2018.  Summer internships are full time positions
   (35 hours/week).
   Interns are paid $11.50 an hour, with the exception of certain
   opportunities for law students who receive summer public interest funds
   (more about these specific cases at the link for law students below).

   No other benefits are provided, and interns must make their own
   housing, insurance, and transportation arrangements.
   Commitment to Diversity
   The work and well-being of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet &
   Society are profoundly strengthened by the diversity of our network and
   our differences in background, culture, experience, national origin,
   religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity,
   age, ability, and much more. We actively seek and welcome people of
   color, women, the LGBTQIA community, persons with disabilities, and
   people at intersections of these identities, from across the spectrum
   of disciplines and methods.
     * Internships are open to students enrolled across the full spectrum
       of disciplines.
     * Internships are open to students at different levels of academic
       study including those in bachelor’s, master’s, law, and Ph.D
       programs.  We also welcome applications from recent graduates and
       those in between academic programs.
     * Summer interns do not need to be U.S. residents or in school in the
       U.S.; indeed, we encourage international students to apply.
     * Selected interns must be authorized to be employed in the United
       States during the summer.  The Berkman Klein Center works with the
       Harvard International Office (HIO) to sponsor J-1 Student Intern
       Visas, which permit employment, for selected summer interns who
       meet the visa requirements.  More information can be found on the
       HIO website at [10]http://hio.harvard.edu/j-student-intern-visa.
     * Summer interns do not need an existing affiliation with Harvard

   To Apply
   We know what you're thinking. Yes please. I want that. That sounds
   magical.  Did I mention that I have [11]incredible dance moves?  Here's
   what you should do...
     * Law students: please find application instructions and important
       additional information [12]here.

     * Students from disciplines other than law: please find more
       information and application instructions [13]here.

   The application deadline for all students for summer 2018 is Wednesday,
   February 28, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET


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