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Jones, Steve sjones at uic.edu
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The air-l list started in late 1998 after the conference (organized by Andrew Herman and Them Swiss) that Jeremy mentions. I ran it on a server in my office until Jeremy thankfully came along and provided services via the CDDC at Virginia Tech University. There were meet ups in NYC and SF (one or the other tied to the National Communication Association conference) that served as de facto organizational meetings, it was at one of those that Nancy stepped up to the plate and offered to host the first conference at the University of Kansas. I remember having meet ups at other conferences that came through Chicago in the first few years of AoIR. I probably have some of this information written somewhere from which I could provide a more accurate timeline, if that were necessary. I kind of like, perhaps prefer, the golden haze of gratitude, teamwork and nostalgia that I fall into when I think back to those times.



> On Feb 15, 2018, at 10:03 AM, Leslie Tkach-Kawasaki <tkach at japan.email.ne.jp> wrote:
> Thanks, Jeremy, for correcting me. The first AoIR wasn't in 2001, it was in the fall of 2000.
> Cheers,
> Leslie Tkach-Kawasaki,
> University of Tsukuba, Japan
> On 2018/02/16 0:38, Jeremy Hunsinger wrote:
>> I was slightly before 2000 as I think my first email message was in 1999, and we organized the conference for 2000, which is why the conference number was always off by 1 year, because we counted conference in 2000 as 1.0  thus 2001's conference was 2.0 and apparently people found that to be too irritating to sustain after 16 in 15.
>> The founding story is found the proceedings of AoIR's first few conferences.  and It goes back to a conference at Drake University by Thom Swiss and colleagues.  Many of the founders were there.
>> AIR-l was founded after that  conference.  the https://web.archive.org/web/19991012214940/http://aoir.org:80/  is the famous bumblebee page with some of this information on it also.
>> https://web.archive.org/web/20010204100100/http://aoir.org:80/ is the first organizational AoIR page, designed by Charlie.
>> as you'll see air-l was always there:) However, we don't have permanent archives on archive.org <http://archive.org> until we migrated to mailman, steve ran it on his office computer with listserv and i ran it at the cddc on mailman.
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