[Air-L] secure team collaboration software?

Charles M. Ess c.m.ess at media.uio.no
Tue Feb 20 04:48:48 PST 2018

(At the risk of taxing the patience of the list ...)

Dear AoIRists,

While I've sent an inquiry along these lines to a few colleagues with 
superb expertise in these matters, I thought it might not hurt to also 
interrogate the wisdom and experience of this particular crowd.

One of our thoughts / hopes for the ethics working group is to make use 
of something like a secure wiki or hypertext / collaborative 
environment.  The idea is to have one or two introductory / summary / 
overview documents that can then link to modules - overview articles on 
more specific topics, resource lists, case studies, etc.
In the first stage, this needs to be (relatively) secure ("secure" being 
relative these days) - i.e., with access for the Working Group members 
who are working on various components.  At a second stage, however, the 
thought is to make it available to the AoIR research community for 
further refinement, contribution, etc.  Ideally, finally, a relatively 
polished version would then be made available to more or less anyone 
"out there" looking for resources in internet research ethics.

A first thought, of course, is a wiki or wikipedia-like service.  But 
some of you may recall that a very nice wiki established by the earlier 
ethics working group was hacked and much good work was lost, most 
unfortunately.  So we're looking for a working space at least 
comparatively less liable to such attacks.

Many of us have tinkered with collaboration via Google docs, Slack, and 
others. But I also know of more than one university, at least in this 
part of the world, that is insisting on such collaborations taking place 
within university-based installations of Microsoft Teams, for example. 
More secure, yes - but not as hyper-texty as we would like, so far as I 
can tell - and not sure how it would work to invite others outside the 

I could easily be missing something, and if so, please don't hesitate to 
let me know.  And/or: any further suggestions for a really secure 
collaborative environment, with rich hypermedia functionalities, and the 
flexibility to move through at least the first two stages of 
collaboration, i.e., within the Ethics Working Group and then the AoIR 
community at large?

A thousand thanks in advance,
- charles ess
Professor in Media Studies
Department of Media and Communication
University of Oslo

Postboks 1093
Blindern 0317
Oslo, Norway
c.m.ess at media.uio.no

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