[Air-L] Targeting a specific date on a public Facebook account?

Virginia Balfour virginiabalfour at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 16 15:02:46 PST 2018


I'd appreciate if anyone knows how to "go to" a specific date on a public Facebook page (i.e. not my own, one belonging to a company).  I am researching comments and posts made of the last few years and want to be able to pick where I finished off on the previous day without always having to scroll back from today to the point where I left off.  So say I wanted to start my research on Sept 1st 2014 and then be able to work forwards or backwards from there - is there a way to do that?  I am in touch with the site's administrators, and although I don't know that they would let me have any kind of admin access - is this what I need?  Or is there a way that I can do it independently?



Virginia Balfour

Masters of Philosophy candidate

QUT, Brisbane, Australia

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