[Air-L] Special Issue: Mobile Media beyond Mobile Phones

Jordan Frith jordan.frith at unt.edu
Thu Jan 18 06:43:20 PST 2018

 Hi all,
I'm editing (with my colleague Didem Ozkul) a special issue of *Mobile
Media & Communication* entitled "Mobile Media beyond Mobile Phones." The
point of the special issue is to move mobile communication research beyond a
dominant focus on smartphone technology. The journal is interdisciplinary,
well-respected, widely read (h5 index of 23/30), and open to a range of
methodological and theoretical perspectives.

The full CFP can be found here:
http://journals.sagepub.com/pb-assets/cmscontent/MMC/Frith_MMC_CFP.pdf .
The CFP goes into more detal on why such the topic is important, the
deadlines (extended abstract by March 15), and all of that. Here I just
want to list a few possible topics. We're open to more and we hope to hear
from some of you!

Possible topics, including but not limited to

·         The Internet of Things broadly defined

·         Historical forms of mobile communication, including but not
limited to

o   Books as mobile media

o   Ancient forms of mobile media

o   Mobile auditory media

o   Barcodes

o   Earlier mobile gaming technologies (Gameboy, etc.)

·         Mobile phone infrastructure (GPS, cell tower, etc.)

·         Wearable technologies such as the Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.

·         Broader mobile communication infrastructure, including but not
limited to

o   RFID

o   Near-Field Communication

o   BLE Beacons

o   QR Codes

·         Robotics as mobile communication

·          “Generations” of mobile networks—shift to 5G

·         Mobile phone standards as vibrant actors

·         The role of mobile communication in artificial intelligence

Jordan Frith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Director of the Digital Media Studies Certificate
University of North Texas
Department of Technical Communication

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