[Air-L] Art and (H)aktivism Project London

Tim Jordan T.R.Jordan at sussex.ac.uk
Fri Jan 19 02:09:21 PST 2018

Hopefully of interest to folk. Ugly Duck is an arts company that identifies unused space in London and sets up projects in them. They've just issued a call I've quoted below for projects on Art and (H)Aktivism. Full disclosure: I'm on the curating panel. Tim Jordan


The theme for this next season is Art & (H)aktivism.

All systems can be hacked. 
How can we use art and creativity to advocate for social change?
How to dismantle invisible walls, symbolic of existing power structures?

Creativity can change the way we see the world, culture and ourselves. Art can highlight inequality, fight oppression, and bring people together.
Hacking brings about change, teaching us how to sabotage the systems that control us. We are looking for projects that subvert, improve and criticise systems in place. Offering alternatives and putting them into practice.
> Any forms and any type of project will be considered <

Professor Tim Jordan
Head of School of Media, Film and Music
University of Sussex
313 Silverstone Building
Arts Road
East Sussex BN1 9RG

Email: t.r.jordan at sussex.ac.uk

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