[Air-L] Refugee & Forced Migration HCI Research: Help Request

Amirah Majid amirah at uw.edu
Mon Jan 22 12:43:30 PST 2018

Dear AOIR Community,

We are a group of interdisciplinary HCI researchers focusing on the
technology related issues of people experiencing forced migration, such as
refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced, and the undocumented.

This year at the ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work
(GROUP) we came together in a workshop called, ‘Refugees & Technology:
Determining the Role of HCI Research’, links below. As a result of this
workshop we would like to build a curated list of scholarly resources that
support generative and ethical research in the area of Forced Migration -
HCI studies. We intend to make this list publicly available in order to
support this growing research area.

We are asking for your help! If you know of HCI-related refugee or forced
migration work, or other resources that you think could inform and support
this work, could you send us the citation or link? Resources we are looking
for include scholarly texts, projects, conferences, or anything else you
think could help. Bookmark the workshop website for updates to this
community resource!

Thank you in advance for your help!


Amirah Majid on behalf of the workshop participants.

Please send replies to: amirah at uw.edu.


ACM GROUP Conference, https://group.acm.org/conferences/group18/

Refugees & Technology: Determining the Role of HCI Research Workshop,


*A. M. Majidأميرة ماجد‬‎*
she/her pronouns
PhD candidate: multi-cultural computing & refugee informatics
Information School, University of Washington Seattle USA

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