[Air-L] research ethics again - students and FB

Charles M. Ess c.m.ess at media.uio.no
Wed Jan 10 07:30:18 PST 2018

Thanks, Daniel,

On 10/01/18 15:55, Daniel Thomas wrote:
> On 10/01/18 14:43, Charles M. Ess wrote:
>> A research project involves a small number of students, legally minors -
>> and requires that they set up fake FB accounts for the sake of
>> role-playing in an educational context?
>> Of course, fake accounts are a clear violation of the FB ToS.
> Is the use of facebook necessary for this research? Are the role-playing
> accounts interacting with the wider network or just with each other? If
> the role-playing accounts are only interacting with each other then
> could a self-hosted open source social network system be used? This
> would bypass facebook ToS issues.

Excellent points and considerations!

But, FWIW: FB was chosen precisely in order to be accessible to a larger 
public, both online and offline (e.g., activities affiliated with the 
project coordinated online and involving representing the fake personas 

Again, many thanks!

- c.

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