[Air-L] Targeting a specific date on a public Facebook account?

Virginia Balfour virginiabalfour at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 17 01:52:02 PST 2018

Thanks everyone.  I managed to get Netvizz to work - although it does present the data in rather a dense excel doc. I also found some really useful info via the NodeXL suggested my Marc  Smith.
I also noticed that if you scroll through Facebook on an iPhone (rather than desktop) it allows you to choose which year's posts you want to look at - and that has saved me a lot of effort.
Thanks again everyone!

Virginia Balfour

On 17 Jan. 2018, at 18:14, Maurice Vergeer <m.vergeer at maw.ru.nl<mailto:m.vergeer at maw.ru.nl>> wrote:

Hi Virginia,

remember that companies can use expiration dates for their Facebook posts. This means that sometimes past posts will not be accessible anymore. My advice is always to collect the data as soon as possible. or at least allow a few weeks to let the comments accumulate.
As Deen correctly states Rfacebook can do what you want. A nice package.

best regards

On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 8:02 AM, Virginia Balfour <virginiabalfour at hotmail.com<mailto:virginiabalfour at hotmail.com>> wrote:

I'd appreciate if anyone knows how to "go to" a specific date on a public Facebook page (i.e. not my own, one belonging to a company).  I am researching comments and posts made of the last few years and want to be able to pick where I finished off on the previous day without always having to scroll back from today to the point where I left off.  So say I wanted to start my research on Sept 1st 2014 and then be able to work forwards or backwards from there - is there a way to do that?  I am in touch with the site's administrators, and although I don't know that they would let me have any kind of admin access - is this what I need?  Or is there a way that I can do it independently?



Virginia Balfour

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